Tuesday, December 27, 2011

IMAN Luminous Foundation Clay 1 Review

Recently, after receiving my Naked palette from Urban Decay I started to play around with color combos. As I started to take my check photos (I use a camera instead of a mirror to assess the final look, blend, etc.) I noticed I looked like Otto, the Syracuse Orange. I was previously using Bobby Brown liquid foundation in Golden. However, due to the climate and location change, the color was now looking too orange and tanned on my skin.

I did a bit of research searching for foundations for Af. Amer. skin and came across IMAN. After reading review, upon review, UPON review I went and purchased the Cream to Powder foundation from Walgreens in CLAY 1. LOVE THIS STUFF!!!! It's ideal for night time for medium to heavy coverage. I read many people saying you can get light coverage with it but I just can't concur. It's too potent for anything light.

So, I then decided to get the luminous for light as well as to set the cream when worn at night. The photos above are of just the luminous for a really quick daytime look. While it photographs to appear a tad bit ashy, its more of a glow than real ash; I am more pleased with this for a daytime cover in comparison to some of the other foundations I've run across. It does create a glow which depending on your skin will work for or against you. I recommend if wanting something quick and light, and I really rec. the cream to powder for for real even coverage for the BIG BEAT effect.

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