Thursday, April 17, 2014

A book every frugal Natural Hair person should own

book I recently was introduced to a book about Natural Hair. Now, I know there are a plethora of books and information now about Natural Hair and that's all well in good but not ALL of them are worth reading... I mean... *Kanye shoulder shrug*

 So when I started reading this book I didn't know what to expect but I knew what to expect... however, shortly after I started reading and kept going I was like "YAAAAAAAASSSSSSSS!"

 Now, I am a practical person, it''s just how I'm wired. I don't operate well with fluff and all that kind of stuff and this was just the opposite of that.

 Swain-Bates has organized this book beautifully. The information gets SO practical that you can take this book with you to your computer or laptop and use it as a guide to learning more about natural hair and the myriad of products that are now being promoted and sometimes forced upon us from every angle you can imagine. She gives links, provides snapshots of HOW websites should look when looking for information, innovative ways on HOW to re-purpose practical items you use everyday for using on your hair, and what I like is she even includes tips for natural hair (men and women) who have twists/braids which is SOMETIMES left untouched.

The book flows as more of a conversation rather than an encyclopedia or lecture which helps with the flow and makes this such a quick read. BUT, don't be fooled by how quick you can read through it, as I know I will refer back to this book time and time again just for the website links and DIY tips alone. My favorite chapter is Chap. 5, the "go to the source"  chapter.  As I said, the fluff and all that stuff is not my juice or jam. I like things straight to the point and being able to cut out the middle person (i.e. the beauty supply) to get items for my hair is a wonderful concept to me. She introduces information, company names, AND website links to where you can find items such as the bases that are in A LOT of the products you buy everyday straight from the source minus the mark-up from the manufacturer and retailer... #winning.

 She provides a glossary which some of those terms I didn't even recognize / know and I'm 3 years in the game. I appreciate this book and I definitely recommend it to ANYONE interested in learning more about the LIFESTYLE of being natural as well as INSIDER TIPS not everyone is willing to share.

I have mine in e-form through Amazon. If you have young girls or ladies who are natural and are starting on their journey this would be a great informative $6.99 gift. Natural hair is a subject that applies to a specific people and that specific group of people has to teach each other about it in order for it to thrive because NO ONE ELSE WANTS TO OR WILL DO IT FOR US (if ulterior motives are not involved).

  DSCF3724Check out more about Crystal Swain-Bates on through her eponymous website and check out the book. You won't be disappointed!